Henry Bibb Project Research Report

Detail of surface survey Gatewood site Aug 27, 2005 copy

 Henry Bibb National Heritage Trail: William Gatewood Farm,

Bedford, Trimble County, Kentucky

Initial work on the William Gatewood plantation where Henry Bibb escaped from slavery in 1831 was funded by a grant from the Kentucky Heritage Council. The study included an archaeological survey that has been extended as a public archaeological educaiton site for the next 8 years under the auspices of Jeannine Kreinbrink. The second part of the intial study included a comprehensive search by local historians for documents relating to the birth, ownership, land and tax records, and roadways involved in the life of Henry Bibb. Using Bibb’s well-known autobiography as an initial source, the historicans plowed through court and land records to support or change the information in the book. The third part included a major supplement for teachers using the Henry Bibb autobiography for study of American slavery and a unique set of escapes. One major part of the education section was an original one-act play by Carrider Jones which was produced at the Actors Theatre in Louisville.

Gatewood Plantation House March 2005 copy

Here is the text from the research report portion of the report to the Kentucky Heritage Council as grant provider.

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Project Report 2 6 Gatewood site map


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Project Report 2 5Dot Carrico with team surface artifact search Aug 27, 2005