On Creating a Web Page






I have 30 years of historical research taking half of a two car garage, two bedrooms/offices in a four-bedroom house, and four closets full of photo albums, files, and office supplies. Plus there are five large bookcases full of real (hard backed) books. Something has to give.

And this is in spite of a 6 GB laptop backed up by 2 Terrabyte of cloud and 1 Terrabyte of external hard drive.

I have a dream that I die suddenly and my very organized daughter orders four large dumpsters and proceeds to empty the house and garage quickly and efficiently. Whoosh! There goes thousands of hours of work and effort. So I am placing my hopes upon this web page – history by perrine.com – and will place many papers, articles, chapters of books, and thousands of photos here for posterity.

Dumpster_shots_004.304192046_stdp.s. the books and research files are supposed to go to the University of Louisville Archives, which is where I worked while taking a master’s program in History during the 1990s. But if it were up to my darling daughter, they would become dumpster fodder.

However, creating a web site for historical documents and papers and photos is not as easy as one might think. Two of my finished works are over 300 pages and don’t fit well in blogs. Some of my digital photo albums contain a hundred obookcaser more photos, and my map collection which tended to be quite pricey while compiling it, is completely out of bounds for the web site. Some of the historical maps are wall size.

The overview welcome page gives some hint of how large a project this is…. if you have any ideas, please let me know. I have a feeling there are going to be many links.

Oh well, here we go.